Two-Day webinar organized on ICT tools for effective learning and teaching by Prof. Vimal Jerald

June 22, 2020

University of Technology in association with Regional College and Deepshikha College organized a two Day webinar on 12th and 13th June 2020 at 11 Am onwards and the topic was ‘Online FDP on ICT tools for effective teaching and learning’. The core objective of the webinar was to make the participants understand the importance of ICT tools in delivering quality online education to the students particularly in extreme situations and crisis like COVID-19 pandemic. Considering the boom in online learning and education, having adequate knowledge of the tools of Information and Communication Technology can greatly enhance the learning process in future. The program was coordinated by Dr. Pramod Sharma (Principal, Regional College). 

The live session was highly engaging and scholars, students and other participants from diverse sectors joined the webinar session which reflected the success of the academic event. The chief speaker for the webinar was Prof. Vimal Jerald (M.C.A., (NET), M.B.A., M.Phil, PGDBI) who is currently working at Department of Computer Science; St. Joseph College, Tiruchirappali. The event was hosted live on the Zoom app. On Day 1, while addressing the scholars, discussion was made on EDMODO LMS, Overview of GCR and Moodle, Google Forms (Quiz/ Survey Questionnaire generation), and Automatic Certificate Generation. While on Day 2, he explained about Personal Website Designing, PPT video making, Screen Capturing, and YouTube Live streaming. The webinar received amazing response from the audience similar to our previous webinar series. 

In the current condition of lockdown due to Coronavirus, having knowledge about ICT tools can definitely impact students learning. This is because faculty members who are digitally literate can easily communicate, create, disseminate, store and manage information. The various tools of ICT such as interactive digital whiteboards or smartphones, laptops, tablets, webcams, internet connectivity etc. all contribute towards enhancing the motivation and engagement of students in the subject learning. At the end of the session, Dr. Anshu Surana Sir (Chariperson, UOT) warmly thanked the dignitaries and shared his thoughts on the same. Expressing his opinion, he said that ICT tools forms an integral part of the online learning and teaching and thus necessary efforts should be made to make the teachers and the students familiar with the diverse ICT tools and their effective utilization for providing quality teaching facilities.

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