As we all know attending and joining into efficient webinars can be a helpful tool to enhance your knowledge and develop better skills. Keeping that in mind, Applied Computer Technology, Kolkata, University of Technology , Jaipur, and Regional Engineering College, Jaipur are organizing a Webinar on topic, “Art of writing Research Papers & Professional Ethics”.

Nowadays , It is highly demanded from academicians to write and produce best uality Research Papers. This demand is institutionalized in the requirements laid down by the regulatory bodies and the strategic attempts by educational institutions to manage research. This Webinar will consists of different types of activities, examples and story that will help an individual to know better about what make a research paper, Great Research Paper. Professional Ethics plays a vital role in this domain.

The Webinar is aiming at increasing an attendee’s knowledge about the writing of Paper Publications. The Key Speaker of the Webinar will be Prof.(Dr.) Abhijit Biswas, who acts as a Proffessor and HOD, Department of Radio Physics and Electronics, University of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal. Dr. Abhijit holds a good experience in Teaching since 1997. Numerous Research paper and Ph.d. Thesis are supervised by him. He holdsa good name in receiving number of appreciating awards, and also a recepient of “Best Citizen Of India Gold Medal Award”. He also acted as a reviewer of journals. He is a renowned personality, who will help an individual to build his efficiency in a better ways.

The Webinar is scheduled on 21st May’ 2022, and will commence at 11:30 A.M till 1:00 P.M. Interested candidates can confirm their presence by clicking on followed link:
For details of the conference visit: ,We shall send Link of Webinar to the registered persons timely.

NOTE: Maximum 100 participants can join, more than 30 seats are left. This Webinar will be considered as the Pre Conference Webinar/Seminar of 9th int. conf. on Microelectronics, Micro2022.