Interactive session on the Impact of Communication on Career

This is to inform all the students of University of Technology, Regional College and Deepshikha College that an interactive session will be held on Facebook Live on 9th -10th July 2020 at 11 AM by Cambridge Language Assessment centre where students will get the opportunity to meet renowned experts like Dr. Praveena Nair. Our key speaker will share her views and ideas concerning the impact of Communication of Career and the role of the English language in creating the path of success shortly. Students and interested individuals who will participate will receive a free E-Certificate for attending the session.

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We all know that we live in a competitive world where effective communication is of utmost importance and therefore, learning English is not a luxury but a necessity. Check out the questions given below and if your answers to these questions are a single ‘no’, it’s time to pull-up your sleeves and learns the ART of COMMUNICATING in English because it is the Ticket to a GREAT CAREER!

• Do you have the skill to articulate and express your thoughts with ease in English?
• Do you have the confidence to face an Interview?
• Do you have it in you to express your viewpoint in easy flowing English in a group or before a panel?
• Do you write and speak English effortlessly?
• Do you feel confident in a crowd of English speaking classmates or colleagues?
• Do you effortlessly answer your questions in English in an examination?
• Do you understand English effortlessly when you watch News/Movies/Documentaries in English?
• Do you struggle when you write letters in English or have to fill out forms in English?

Details about the Speaker and the webinar event:

Dr. Praveena Nair is currently working as Centre Head, Cambridge Language Assessment, Kerala Partner & COO TriN Business Solutions LLP, and Kerala. According to her, mere subject knowledge without any potential skills is not enough for a prospective career. Thus, the session will mainly focus on the impact of business communication on career and it will cover the following topics:

• Effective Communication Skills (including barriers to communication)- the importance of Effective Communication Skills in day to day life and career development
• Business Etiquette and Business communication Skills
• Life Skills (Leadership Skills/ Team Management/Group Dynamics/Stress Management/Crisis Management)

Day 1 (9th July 2020): On the first-day discussion will be made regarding the importance of effective communication skills with the audience by highlighting crucial aspects of Business communication and how it impacts the career and progress of an individual. The importance of learning these skills and applying them to real-time situations would be focused on in this session.

Day 2 (10th July 2020): On the second day, in continuation of the series on Day 1, a mock session on the importance of Effective Communication will be conducted. This session would be a trial run of what to expect from our classes in subsequent sessions and the session protocol on the assignments and content flow. This would also showcase the quality of training offered and the level of interaction and delivery.

The best part about this webinar session is that all the above-mentioned skills get covered under the Cambridge Language Assessment run Business English Certification (BEC) program which is an immersive learning experience for effective Business communication through interactive sessions. Apart from this, students can also join the webinar series by the University of Technology as it enables students to interact with experts and can enhance your knowledge boost confidence and productivity:

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Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma and Dr. Praveena Nair along with Mr. Syam Gopi were the speakers in the webinar held on 3rd and 4th June and they spoke on the topic ‘Opportunities in Education System leading to Employment after COVID-19’ and ‘Are you future Ready? Emerging Technology is everything in the future’ respectively.

FDP on ICT tools for effective teaching and learning

This webinar was held on 12th and 13th June 2020. Prof. Vimal Jerald was the key speaker in the webinar and he highlighted the importance of the ICT tools in carrying out an effective digital learning process particularly in times of crisis like Corona.

Webinar on Future aspects of Computer Science Engineering

This webinar was organized on 26th and 27th June 2020 and the key speakers for the event were Er. Narendra Singh Nirwan and Dr. R. K. Bayal. The speakers discussed the scope of Computer Science engineering in future times and how technology can assist during times like the corona pandemic.

Get ready to join us for this live interactive session and pursue your dream job successfully!

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