About Deepshikha Kala Sansthan

Deepshikha is a platform for world class technical education that India is proud of. Deepshikha Family is making untiring efforts not from today but as early as 1976 to deliver a platform that becomes the ground for mission based education that has a  variety of learning, industrial exposure with the right environment that is conducive to overall development of the student fraternity.  With help of trust and devotion of our management team, faculty and student fraternity we have expanded almost in all directions so far as modern state of the art education infrastructure and learning is concerned. Today Deepshikha Sansthan is a name that many would envy and students would love to be in.  With our innovative campus connect programs we have helped students reach new horizons of professionalism that becomes examples for others to follow.  Experience awesomeness, fun filled education and values that will make you a better individual who understands the real meaning of adding value to the corporate circuits along with social fraternities. Lets vow as a family to make education a better experience for all and let us promise to ourselves today that we will learn all our lives through institutions and later through experiences.

Mission & Vision

A huge task if at all is successful is obviously a resultant of a strong inspiration. There is some or the other strong belief, a motivation or inspiration that leads to milestones that become the talk of the town.

Obviously Deepshikha was born with a vision that is beyond the money matters. There was a social goal of changing the scenario of education in this Indian social structure.

The bigger question  is – Have we been successful ??

The clear answer to this question is NO not yet. All we have been able to do so far is change the lives of 1 Lac odd people. It is obviously very less than what we had dream about 40 years ago.

Our missions have been numerous. The first and the foremost mission that we took in our hands to complete our vision which was our larger goal and objective is to create an environment that  os conducive to overall development of our student fraternity. We were looking out for a campus that is an infrastructure equipped with state of the art technology. Today we have multiple infrastructures, multiple campus, multiple laboratories. Now the question  is – Is this enough ?

The answer as usual for untiring people is NO. Yes we make timely efforts to ensure that our campus remains abreast with the updates , changes in the technology and environment on a regular basis to ensure that our student fraternity get the best ground to score academic results that are reflections of their capabilities and contribution of their academic gurus.

We welcome your valuable feedbacks on any new technology, process or product that can make our campuses better and we will be more than happy to accept your suggestion or proposals if you have any.