Suspension of Classes and other activities at the University of Technology to avoid the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This is to inform all the students and faculty members of the University of Technology that following necessary actions have been taken by the authorities as per the directions of the state government to avoid the spread of Coronavirus at the university campus:

  • Classes in all the departments will remain suspended till 30th March 2020.
  • All the examinations that are currently being conducted along with the mid-term exams that are scheduled to be conducted are postponed till further orders. The revised schedule for the examination will be notified later.
  • All the events where the public gathering of students and faculty members is expected such as seminars, workshops, guest lectures, conferences will remain suspended till further orders from the state government and Health Department.
  • The staff and faculty members during this duration will be available in their office for performing the routine tasks.
  • UOT being a global university, all the foreign students who had visited their home country or the Indian students and faculty members who had travelled any foreign country will remain home for the quarantine period as prescribed by the state government.
  • Avoid contact and meeting with others, if a student or the staff member is suffering from any symptoms of Coronavirus. Try to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.
  • Special care and precautions are required to be taken by the hostel students and it is advised that they should avoid any kind of public gathering at the university campus.
  • The Coronavirus can be avoided from spreading if we take necessary precautions such as facemask and the handwashing with sanitizer at regular intervals. There is no need to panic in any situation as a close watch has been kept on the situation. In case of any unforeseen event, the students are advised to contact the hostel warden and the concerned authorities of the university.
  • Most importantly together we can defeat Coronavirus if all the students and faculty members strictly follow these guidelines.