Technology is a challenging and valuable field for young students of creativity & talent. It calls for the craft and skilfulness of designing technological systems that profit society, and involves problem-solving systems that are readily interchangeable, and in high demand, in a variety of professions, including business, law and medicine.

At School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) of University of Technology students get a phenomenal engineering preparation and alumnus with several additional dimensions. Dissimilar of other tech schools, students of U.O.T take their non-engineering subjects in classes taught by well-known faculty and together with liberal arts majors whose cynosure is on economic, political, social, and other humanities areas. Our engineering graduates grow in the perceptive of the complex political, social, economic and environmental implications of new technological products and processes. They also learn to communicate effectively.

Exceptionally, many of our students from SOET go on to create outstanding records of achievement not only in engineering fields but also in business, academia, government and as leaders in their community. Our students are skilled in creative design and the application of technological and scientific solutions to complex & challenging problems, teamwork, interpersonal relations, critical thinking, and leadership.


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