Applications are invited from highly motivated and research-oriented applicants for admission to Ph.D. program in the following disciplines including interdisciplinary research available at the university.

The minimum eligibility for admissions is as per the UCC norms and students can submit the application form till 15th of January 2021. The eligible students may apply online for the program at You may also mail your query at .

Online Entrance Examination for the course is scheduled on 17 January 2021.

Below mentioned are the streams applicants can choose for pursuing the course.

● Law
An individual who is applying for a doctoral program in law stream, they can go for a career as legal scholars and teachers who are aimed at producing substantial academic research and writing under the supervision of experienced faculties.

● Education
This course aims at developing skills, educational research and enquiry. Pursuing a doctoral program in education helps an individual to carry out an efficient research which will ultimately contribute to the professional knowledge and practice to the pursuer.

● Fashion and Design.
This course imparts knowledge and carries research on the nature of designs, especially in the context where designers could contribute towards a better and sustainable environment. Highly creative and motivated professionals conduct intensive and rigorous research in fashion with the help of doctoral programs as a foundation to their work.

● Humanities and Social Sciences
Pursuing this course aims at primarily dealing with aspects of human behavior and its effect on the entire society. It majorly covers areas of human nature and behavior, psychology, criminology, anthropology, physiology, sociology, among others. Social strata systems, sociological theory, and social policy are well taught for a better understanding of an individual.

● Journalism and Mass Communication.
The program envisages providing the students with a well-developed understanding of the elements of Mass communication teaching, Mass media research, dissertation, and freedom of expression theory. Learning an extra language in the proficiency class is an additional perk with this course.

● Engineering and Technology.
Pursuing a doctoral program in engineering and technology helps an individual to develop new technologies for the advancement of a degree program. This degree focuses on research-based education and students have the leverage of choosing their desired focus in any specific area of engineering or technology and proceed further with the course in that specific area.

● Commerce and Management.
This course generates interest in the minds of the students to promote the growth and development of Commerce, Management, and related disciplines through the applicability of research. The study of the program combines the fundamentals of Commerce and Management bringing out a comprehensive field of knowledge for the students to explore in-depth.

● Computer Application and IT.
The course enables students to advance themselves in their careers in computing and information technology. It offers flexibility in the choice of the topic of research so it may be closely aligned with students’ professional careers. Research areas primarily focus on core computer technology along with upcoming technology and their varied problems

● Basic and Applied Sciences.
Basic and applied sciences course is a 3 to 5 years doctoral program. It involves researching any one of the Science specializations like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc. The student will have to submit the research thesis at the end of the course to earn the Ph.D. Science degree. It fosters the development of independent research skills in candidates.

● Library and Information Sciences.
A doctorate degree in library and information science enables the students to conduct independent research and analysis, in order to understand the intricacies of cataloging information and making them easily accessible to the people. It prepares students for careers in research, education, and professional practices.

● Agriculture
The doctoral program in agriculture is a research-based course. This helps students to learn how to produce food, fiber and fuel. This course mainly covers areas like plant genetics, plant physiology, soil sciences, crop management, and others. Students come to know about the fundamentals of agriculture and crop production.

Doctoral programs demand several years of challenging academic work, but they prove valuable for many aspiring academics, researchers, and working professionals seeking careers. We at the University of technology build the best foundation for your doctoral program and aims at transforming your careers with the best courses.

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