Kutaisi University and University of Technology, Jaipur enter into the general agreement with the intent to facilitate mutually beneficial international cooperation in the fields of business administration, tourism management, economics and finances.

Both the University signs the documents and signatory institutions acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The agreement consists of three articles : General Provisions, Agreement Validity, and Concluding Regulations.

Article 1. General Provision
1.1 signatory institution acknowledge the existence of strong partnership potential that could be realised through the following collaborative schemes:

Exchanging academic personnel (professors, lecturer or researchers) within the bilateral, and other international formats;
Student students (On undergraduate and graduate level) The bilateral and other international formats;
Changing and sharing of academic information, experience and materials;
Planning and organising joint research activities;
Planning and organising joint conferences, training session and courses;
Other relevant activities.

1.2 signatory institution agree to work together movie mobilize public, Private or institutional funds in support of continuous quality development and capacity building in the following direction:

Human and material resources;
Technological process and innovation;
Research and analysis;
Visibility and dissemination;
Networks and internet and institutional cooperation;
Other relevant spheres.

1.3 Signatory institutions agreed that specific cooperation arrangements resulting from this general agreement as well as costs and expenses related to the implementation, shall be the subject of a separate contract.

Article 2. Agreement Validity

2.1 Any amendment to this document would require the written approval and signatures of both the parties;
2.2 The agreement is effective immediately and with a 10 year period of validity;
2.3 The agreement is subject to automatic renewal unless expressly terminated by either party.

Article 3. Concluding Regulations

3.1 The sides are bound to respect each other and the terms of agreement;
3.2 Dispute, controversy or claim shall be decided in accordance with the Georgian legislation;
3.3 Agreement is drawn up in English and Georgian languages, with the English version having superior legal force.

Looking forward to an efficient collaboration ahead!