After lots of efforts by Deepshikha Kala Sansthan in last five decades in 2017 by the state legislature Act No 28, 2017 of Govt. of Rajasthan and as per UGC Act 2(f) 1956 University of Technology (UOT) Vatika, Jaipur is established with a vision of creating an environment for imbibing and inculcating the spirit of learning and innovating best courses of study and practices needed by the ever-inquisitive minds of today’s youth.
The technology is driving the whole World to change at an unprecedented speed so is the most useful knowledge capture the different facts of technology and its impact on humanity, to conserve the interest of Society the multi-disciplinary University of Technology offers a variety of courses at all levels of Academic and Professonal Education UG, PG, and Doctoral in diverse streams including Engineering, Basic Science, Pharmacy, Agriculture, Management, Commerce, Law Humanities etc. Our vibrant academic programmers are supported by continual innovation in the classroom and laboratory to focus on interactive learning. We excel in collaborating with industry and opportunity for discovery. Our mission is multi fold to foster an environment of teaching and learning excellence, built on innovation, collaboration and respect to create a hub of world- leading research and innovation, adding to the intellectual, social and economic capital of the society. It is indeed an honor to serve as President after serving as Professor, Principal Director and Vice Chancellor in many college and University and it is with gratitude and enthusiasm that I embark on my 2020-2021 term. I am extremely fortunate that my immediate predecessors have already set the stage for further development of some important new initiatives for useful education. Certainly, the changes in our education care environment have made an impact on the educational mission of the University of Technology The Deepshikha Kala Sansthan Society is the strongest and clearest voice today representing the interests of education to fulfill its responsibility to the specialty, job oriented education “repositioning” itself. Educational programs of University of Technology have always been open to all students but in few streams the admission are limited. Recent surveys conducted by various agency show that University of Technology believe in best teaching increasingly important over the 5 years. It is clear that the mission of growth and development is critical needs of society the leadership of University of Technology is determined to meet the challenge posed by this growing enthusiasm for the benefits of education setup. Being equipped with life science and management education. I strongly believe that University of Technology on the brink of a tremendous expansion of its goal base. The Society and its members have labored long and hard in anticipation of this time when the focused mission of University of Technology has become even more vital to the long-range in interests education.

To facilitate opportunities for our students, staff and faculty to connect with and serve our local, national and global communities. I, on behalf of the University of Technology fraternity, invite you all, to be a part of this magnificent mission of learning, researching, innovating and practicing the tools and techniques of science & technology, arts and humanities for peace, progress and prosperity of the mankind in the interest society. I look forward to working together with the Board, Committees, and Staff facility to further strengthen the Society’s service to the sister educational training to increase continuing educational opportunities for board-certified Course. Your ideas are always welcome, and I urge you to contact me directly with any suggestions you may have for the current and future direction of the University of Technology.

Prof. (Dr.) V.N Pradhan

President / Vice Chancellor – University of Technology