Future aspects of Computer Science Engineering

All the students and faculty members are hereby informed that the University of Technology in association with Regional College and Deepshikha College is organizing a two-day live webinar on the topic ‘Future Aspects of Computer Science Engineering’. The live streaming of the webinar will take place on 26th and 27th June 2020 at 11 AM. The session will be highly informative and interactive as experts will express their opinion about how computer science engineering can boost the digital infrastructure so that more and more individuals can be benefited from the same. Thus, all the participants can learn modern technology free from experts and they will be provided with E-Certificates also.

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With major businesses going digital post-COVID-19, the IT sector is one of the booming fields in the present scenario as compared to other sectors, and thus, there is a great demand for professionals such as Computer science engineers and programmers. Moreover, such professionals qualify for some of the highest paying jobs and now in current situations like Corona Pandemic and lockdown, the demand is more likely to rise as the businesses are primarily conducting business on digital platforms. Thus, the webinar will create awareness about the education system during crisis time, technological advancement, quality facilities provided by the University of Technology, and the various opportunities available in the market and industry post-COVID-19.

Detailed information about speakers:

On Day 1, live session by Er. Narendra Singh Nirwan will be conducted. He is a MCA degree holder with more than 10 years of experience and is currently working as Sr. Software Developer & Technical Trainer, Dotsquares Technologies Pvt. Ltd. He has expertise in Java (Struts, Hibernate, Spring, Spring boot), Python (Django), and Machine Learning. His topics of discussion will include Web Development, Web Designing, DBA, System Analysis, Data Science with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

On Day 2, the session by Dr. R. K. Bayal will be conducted. He is M.Tech and Ph.D. holder and is currently working as Associate Professor and HOD, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota. His research area includes Cloud Computing, Computer Network Security, and Internet Technology. He will speak on topics like Basics in Cloud Computing, Security in Cloud Computing, Data Storage in Cloud Computing, Virtualization, and benefits in Cloud.

The webinar series started by UOT not only imparts the knowledge about the latest trends and technology that can make the working more convenient but also enhances the skills of the participants and make them job-ready for the future times. Our previous webinar series received an immense response from the audience with more than 4500 registrations:

FDP on ICT tools for effective teaching and learning

Prof. Vimal Jerald was the key speaker in the webinar and he highlighted the importance of the ICT tools in carrying out an effective digital learning process particularly in times of crisis like Corona. It was organized on on12th and 13th June 2020. . His discussion was on the the topic of EDMODO LMS, Overview of GCR and Moodle, Google Forms (Quiz/ Survey Questionnaire generation), and Automatic Certificate Generation , Personal Website Designing, PPT video making, Screen Capturing, and YouTube Live streaming

Webinar on Be Future Leader-Post COVID-19

The live session was taken by educationists like Dr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma and Dr. Praveena Nair along with Mr. Syam Gopi. The experts explained the employment opportunities that are available to the students post COVID-19 and the importance of emerging technology and familiarity of professionals with such technology to enhance employability. The session by Dr Ashwini Kumar Sharma was organized on 3rd June and he spoke on the topic ‘Opportunities in Education System leading to Employment after COVID-19’ while the session by Dr. Praveena Nair and Mr. Syam Gopi was organized on 4th June 2020 and they spoke on the topic ‘Are you future Ready? Emerging Technology is everything in the future’.

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