All the students of Regional College, Deepshikha College, and the University of Technology are hereby informed that Regional College for Education Research & Technology, Jaipur is going to organize an online quiz contest for 12th class students for the preparation of the subject of Information Practice. The participation in the quiz will help the students to accelerate their career path along with the subject and it will be highly beneficial for the students in the other examinations.  

Moreover, the participation in the quiz is free of cost and the students are eligible for E-Certificates post form submission which will be delivered to them via Email. The quiz contest brings a golden opportunity for students to examine their knowledge and skills in the field of computer and subsequently gain knowledge for a wide variety of topics such as MySQL, Computer Networking, GUI Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, Advanced Programming Concepts, Web Application, IT Application, Advanced RDBMS Concepts, and Database Connectivity.  

Students can participate in the quiz contest by submitting the forms via the links provided below:

Links for Quiz Form:

Computer Networking & Open Source Concepts:

MySQL Revision Tour

More on Database & SQL

Advanced RDBMS Concepts




Advanced Programming Concepts

GUI Programming

Object-Oriented Programming

We encourage students to participate in this quiz content to enhance their knowledge and skill in the field of computers.
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