Memorandum of Understanding Signed between University Of Technology and Sri Karan Narendra Agriculture University Jobner.

September 3, 2021

In accordance with the desire to promote cooperation in areas of mutual interest for the benefits of both institution, Sri Karan Narendra agriculture University, Jobner, Jaipur and University of technology, Fatehpura Road, Jaipur has signed a memorandum of understanding on 1 September 2021.

The signatories for the MOU were Dr VN Pradhan, Vice Chancellor of University of technology along with Dr ML Jakhar, director (Research), SKN Agriculture University, Jobner, Dr. SS Yadav, Dean (School of Agriculture) and Dr. B.L Kakroliya, Director, HRD.

Sri Karan Narendra agriculture University, Jobner and University of technology, Jaipur desired and intend to develop cooperation and collaboration and research for development, particularly in plant biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical microbiology, environmental technology, molecular biotechnology, bioinformatics and other agreed and other agreed activities it further the aims and objectivists of institutions as follows:

1. To encourage and use their reasonable endeavours to effect, within the limitations of the institutions resources, policies, and procedure, visits from one institution to the another by members of the academic, research, skill training, placements, innovation, entrepreneurship and other staff for the purpose of participating in teaching, training, research for development programmes and other agreed activism.

2. To develop within the limitations of the institutions resources, policies and procedures, collaborative work plans that specify the activities to be undertaken, objectives and targets, implementation Nizam, roles and responsibilities and resource contributions.

3. To jointly explore external funding opportunities through project proposal development, thus enabling both parties to expend and extend their collaborative activities.

4. To provide, within the limitation of the institutions resources, policies and procedures, qualified students hosted by one institution exist to research opportunities and/or degree programmes at the other institution.

5. To encourage the exchange of scientific materials, publicatories And information. The actual exchange of materials will be done on a purely voluntary basis and subject to required institutional material transfer agreements.

6. Any IPR issue emanated from joint research funding from any government agency under this MO you will be the joint property of the both universities. IPR issue will be‘ patented as joint patient‘. Benefits Emanated from commercialisation from develop technology under this MOU will be shared between both universities

Above mentioned agreements were done by both the parties and this MOU is in force for coming five years.

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