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March 24, 2022

Over the last decade, the role of the data engineer has evolved drastically. In this modern world, industry shifts such as the emergence of scalable processing and cloud data warehouses mean that data is collected more frequently and is becoming more accessible to everyone across an organisation.

Data engineering, then and now

Ten years ago, data engineering consisted of data warehousing, business intelligence and ETL (tooling to move data from place to place). There was limited development for study of analytical models. Computer engineering course in Best university for B. Tech in Rajasthan provide for special training sessions in data engineering. With the changing attitudes and roles of businesses in modern world, there are a few significant focuses for today’s data engineering students:

● Best practices in the software development lifecycle — These include appropriate use of version control, release managementand automated devOps pipelines.

● Information security — With enhancing threat of hacks, data engineers are expected to understand cloud security best practices and be cautious in managing data.

● Business domain knowledge — Domain expertise is increasingly required to draw insights from data.
Trends that changed the role of the Data Engineer

Alongside the above areas that are key for all data engineers to comprehend, it is vital to be aware of the industry trends that have helped shape the role. Understanding these developments in analytics will help data engineering students of Best University for B.Tech in Rajasthan explain the value of their work at the time of placement in major organisations.

● The rise of cloud

Cloud has finally reached a high point where even institutions such as finance and government is accepting it.

● The expansion of open source

There has been a growth of open source tools and, in numerous cases, a preference for these tools in data organizations. Usage of Open source libraries such as Spark have become widespread.

● The growth of data in scale

Companies simply have more data at their disposal now more than ever before, which makes it more important for data engineers to understand how to scale. Data engineers need proficiency in tools that can assist in organizing and assessing massive amount of data.

Before working closely with an organisation, data engineering graduates from the Best University for B.Tech in Rajasthan need to evaluate the existing infrastructure for analytics. For example, how you approach a complex project with a company inexperienced with data science and data engineering will be completely different from an organisation with an existing analytics platform.