The Conference titled – “Current Research in Engineering , Technology, Medical Sciences, Pharmacy, Management, Commerce, Agriculture, Arts and Humanities”

Leadership in the 21st century will belong to those nations that can capitalize best on change, and science and engineering research has become the most powerful force for change in our society. A strong research capacity will also allow us to deal with a large variety of future challenges, whether national-security threats, environmental problems, medical or public-health emergencies, or crises that we cannot yet predict. Solutions to pressing problems will continue to emerge in unexpected ways from new knowledge but Research in fields like Pharmacy, Management etc. are catalysts for the country’s growth.

The Conference was intended for the students and teachers to be updated with the present-day face of Research in every field and be inspired by it. To build a valuable resource center of research papers for researchers, inventors, scientists, engineers, managers, Doctors, professor To articulate students, researchers and industrialist with an indispensable research works. To be a globally recognized and respectable institution in the area of engineering, science and technology. Scientists and engineers with PhDs and other advanced degrees play a central and growing role in American industrial and commercial life. They contribute directly to the national goals of technological, economic, and cultural development—not only as researchers and educators, but in a wide variety of other professional roles. And as the country responds to expanded economic competition, urgent public-health needs, environmental degradation, new national-security challenges, and other pressing issues, a widening variety of professions and organizations are hiring the roughly 26,500 people who receive PhDs in science and engineering each year (up from 18,000 a decade ago).