Recently Mrs. Pratibha Patil, the former President of India, visited the University of Technology and was warmly welcomed by the University Chairman Mr. Prem Surana, Vice-Chairman Dr. Anshu Surana, and the other staff members. In her brief visit, she congratulated the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, dedicated employees and motivated our students to excel in their respective fields. She also shared her valuable thoughts on the present education scenario and how the higher education system can be improved further. Moreover, the university authorities were fortunate enough to have an interaction with Mrs. Pratibha Patil in which discussions were made regarding our efforts and initiatives that we took to improve the quality of higher education.

While addressing the University officials, employees, and students, she highlighted the importance of quality higher education and its role in building responsible citizens of the nation. She not only emphasized on enhancing the quality of education in higher educational institutions but also stressed the need for maintaining the quality of education. This is because, with the liberal education policies, more and more higher education institutions are being opened and run. Thus, many students are graduating every year but are lacking essential skills and knowledge that are desired for enhancing professional competence.

She also emphasized that equal opportunities in terms of higher learning should also be provided to females so that they can fulfill their dreams and explore the career opportunities associated with the concerned field. The educational institutions can play a crucial role by convincing their parents and by providing a safe and secure campus to the female students that are conducive to quality learning. In addition to this, she also advocated the inclusion of technology so that better outcomes can be achieved.

Apart from this, she also commented about the innovativeness and technically updated programs offered by the University of Technology for improving the knowledge and skill of the students in the technical field. She highly appreciated our efforts to bring the best of the technical education and expertise to the students with ample focus on relevant aspects like personality grooming, curriculum based on latest industry trends and high placement opportunity for the students.

We are very grateful to Mrs. Pratibha Patil that she took some time out of her hectic schedule and enabled us to know what other initiatives we can take to improve the quality of education as an institution offering higher learning to the students. Moreover, the valuable thoughts and experiences shared by her have motivated us to adopt significant measures that will pave our way in reforming the current scenario of higher education.

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