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Work With Leading Industries Of The Country By Pursuing Diploma in Textile Designing!

July 7, 2021

University of technology has came up with a career oriented course for designers out there. Textile designing is a booming profession of 21st century. Textile industry has not only done wonders in competitive market but has also became a trend-setter for general public.

Diploma in Textile Designing course introduces to the Fundamentals of Design by focusing on building groundwork in terms of Conceptualization, Research Innovative and Individual Expressions. The approach is creative, artistic as well as technical in Design. Practical Training is further enhanced with relevant Industry Exposure through Workshops, Seminars, Field Visits and Fashion Events Participation culminating in showcasing at the Annual Fashion Show & Exhibition.

As the textile industry is versatile ,plenty of career opportunities are in your bucket once you learn this course. It is counted as one of the leading industry as the room for creative aspects is bigger and wider.

A fruitful career is obtained by an individual who have a perfect set of skills. As competition is too high and skills can only help a student to stand out. Let us find the career options for an individual who pursue diploma in Textile designing.


Fashion designing is one of their basic career option that student choose after pursuing diploma in textile designing. The role of fashion designer involves wide-ranging task. From handling and managing the designing work to styling they have to look after each and every aspect.


The basic role of a textile designer it’s to create different and creative designs and patterns on different kinds of textile and clothing such as household clothing, bed sheets, towels, dresses along with sarees. A textile designer aims add printing fabrics and developing yarns, looking after trimming. They are responsible for working on these aspects.


The selection process of fabrics is the whole responsibility of fabric analyser. He/she should understand the requirement of designing purposes and is responsible for choosing and Analysing the best fabric, which is up to the mark to fulfil the requirement. The quality and quantity of the fabric is also a fabric analyser responsibility.


There are plenty of opportunities for freelance textile artist. These artist are marked into self employed artists and they work upon their conditions either online or off-line. The basic responsibility of freelance artist is to create designs and patterns for various textiles and clothing according to the clients requirement. The position of skills helps them reach there dream clients and companies.


A design consultant acts as an advisor to the designer. He/she advices about the designs, weaves, trends, fashion, prints, fabrics, interior decoration, market trends, furnishing, client expectations, patterns and many more.


A fabric source manager should know about art and craft and how it is marketed. Resource managers for textile are highly demanded bye fashion designers, furniture manufacturers, rug makers and many more who are involved with textile businesses.


Interior designing is one of the basic thing people go with these days. Home furnishing designers plays a vital role in home furnishing. They work upon various factors like interiors furnishings and decoration on things like furniture, sofa, Curtains and many other aspects of the home.


– Knowledge of colour and texture, shades and fabric.
– creative inclination along with artistic skills.
– interest in fashion and textiles and better understanding of materials and trends.
– excellent communication skills.
– innovative and trying hands upon new ideas.
– better imagination.
– knowledge of computer aided designs (CAD).
– Fashion and market trends are must.
– Good eye for details.
– Illustration and sketching interest.

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