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Now Its Your Turn To Get Certificate In Library Sciences! Admissions Open At UOT!

July 1, 2021

The school of education at The University of Technology provides the certificate course in library science and helps you attain the managerial skills required to efficiently operate the working of the library. The course teaches you about the various aspects and working of library and help you learn the various principles that govern the functioning of library.

The course teaches you efficiently maintaining of records and the proper placement techniques of various books. The best faculty helps you learn the various challenges in the field and teach you the effective ways to tackle the problems. The duration of the course is 6 months and after the successful completion of the course you will be able to identify the cause of the problems occurring in the management of the library and will be able to effectively solve the problem.

The course can be taken by any person who has successfully completed his 10+2 and can earn the certificate in a short span of 6 months along with acquisition of large number of skills.


The books, documents, information and other materials which are placed in a library is referred as collection of Library. It is a primary responsibility of a librarian together all the library collection and manage it properly. A librarian must be intimately knowledgeable about existing library resources and be able to select and procure additional resources that will complement or supplement the library’s collection. Users library experience is enhanced by the relevant management of library resources and collection.


Library organisation is not just grouping similarly themed material together but it is a very lengthy procedure which involves planning as well as goals of a librarian. Librarian is required to form a guideline in a way so that they can meet their stipulated goals. Administration or local government Teachers looking to get certified should be able to anticipate the needs of the library and organize resources in an easy to use way. Being able to identify different types of systems used in libraries and how to effectively use them is an important component in getting certified.


In this fast paced world, technology and internet has taken over all the accessibility of information to infinite possibilities as masters of information, librarians are required to keep abreast of current information technologies. Librarians are often tasked with teaching members how and why to use alternative resources, and many libraries maintain public computers for members to use to access the Internet and other electronic resources.


Librarians function as the face of the library, communicating with library patrons and community members, organizing library events, inspiring patron’s quest for enrichment and knowledge and providing superior customer service with a pleasant delivery. A person looking to get certified in library science will understand the importance of positive member interactions and have a passion for wanting to enrich peoples’ lives.

You can also be the superlative Librarian by pursuing Certificate Course in Library Sciences. University of Technology will be assisting you at each and every step of your career-building.