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November 10, 2022

University Play a huge role in how and what a student will become. The environment and ambiance a student find around when he/she visit university , is how he/she react accordingly throughout the day. Each day gives a chance to learn and attempt new things. Academics are basic part of university life but apart from it Health, Safety, Career, are a few other aspects that one should look forward to.

When a student is willing to choose the right college, their is a list of views that you are required to keep in mind while choosing the best university for yourself. Not each and every university offer you these amenities, but we will recommend you to go for them, Here we Go!


Above mentioned are top five facilities that are must have in your dream college. These facilities will give you better foundation for grooming and learning.

ACADEMICS FACILITIES plays a broader part in choosing the college. When our parents and guardian decides to choose an institution for us, they seek academics record an institution hold. Below mentioned are few points that are covered in Academics while choosing a college:

  1. ALLOTTING ACADEMIC ADVISOR : Every Degree and course has their own pros and cons. Constant research is required while choosing the best for you. Every course has its own way of learning, but if you get a concerned advisor will help you in academic advise and career counselling. Efficient advisor will guide you to plan out semester wise, deciding a major, pre-professional advice, staying on track with a degree plan.
  2. LIBRARY AREA: When you are well equipped with each and every source that can help you with learning, you will grow better. A library is a place where, you will be getting cluster of books that will provide you efficient academic help. Nowadays, a few library do consists of internet access and computers in it, that help the student to surf efficiently according to the requirements.
  3. CAREER CENTER: This center will help you to choose right path for reaching success. It helps you to experience ground reality and help you to develop accordingly. A few steps or activities are involved in this benefit, such as: mock interviews, career/major exploration, Resume reviews, career fairs, or internship and career listings. These kind of activities and learning will help you to prepare yourself better for companies you will be appearing as an interviewee. You will be availing all these benefits once you enter the college, so that when you graduate and go out, this will build a better foundation for your learning and behavior.
  4. WRITING AREA: As they say if you write and learn, you will be a better learner. When you are in college, you have multiple ideas and ways to learn. It is advised that , if you are reading the topic or subject, you need to note down all the highlighted areas. Not just that , if you are writing a research, It is important to make a proper cluster of research papers and present accordingly. Writing area is a specific area that will help you learn creating an outline, proofreading drafts, critiquing, or checking citations, the staff at the writing center can help with every stage of the process.

SAFETY FACILITIES are one of the most important factor , when it comes to choosing your college. These days, crimes rates are multiplying in number successively. Here are few points that should be covered under safety measures:

  1. PREMISES GUARDS: Guards in premises will ensure proper safety of students in university premises. It is advised to save the numbers of guards and force on patrol in campus, so that in case of emergency , you can immediately connect for help. Not every student is similar and university life can be good or disaster for anyone just by experiences. University of technology makes sure that your span in college be the best duration of the entire day.

2. GRIEVANCE CELL: University of Technology has allotted the team for grievance. If you are facing any problem regarding Ragging, breaching of safety measures , etc, you can directly go to the grievance cell and report. Other than that, you can also mail at and call at +91- 8385012345 .

ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES, this aspect is very important for ensuring better university life. As we all know, people are commuting from very far to pursue their studies, there should be a backup of living and accommodation in college area.

  1. HOUSE & FOOD AREA: It is important for a student to choose a university that provides residing and dining area. University offers a special area for this that will help student to reside in the housing area and can take their meal in dining area. Each of them will cost extra to the student.
  2. DISABILITY AREA & SERVICES: Students who are specially able, they need extra attention. Colleges should keep that aspect in mind and need to develop the structure and services of colleges in a way that will make easy for each and every child to easily avail all the services. Every student deserves equal opportunity during their university experience, and it’s the job of the university disability services coordinator to make sure helpful accommodations are available.

HEALTH & WELLNESS FACILITIES are prior facilities a student should look for. If Your health is good, you can efficiently come,read, learn and grow. But, If you are not in appropriate healthy condition to do so, their is no point of pursuing education. Below mentioned are few points to be keep in mind by college:

  1. INFIRMARY: A student should know that if he/she is falling sick or not in an appropriate situation, then he/she should visit to infirmary for instant aid. Sometimes, sports students also gets an injury and need the aid, Health room/infirmary helps the student to cure it by providing necessary aid.
  2. RECREATION CENTER: Numerous fitness facilities and equipment are available in recreation center. Any student who is interesting in physical exercise can go up their. Any individual , who wants to keep their mental and physical health better, It is important for them to participate in sports and exercise regularly.


  1. FINANCIAL SECURITY AND SCHOLARSHIP OFFICE : A specific area dedicated to financial aid and scholarship is there. Any student who is eligible for the same can apply there for extra perks of education.
  2. MULTI CULTURAL STUDENT AFFAIRS: Our university is open for both ethnic communities as well as LGBTQ+ students. We treat each and every child equal. Our aim is to make our university a place that opens the door to each student that belongs to any caste,creed,culture, etc. If you are a person of underrepresented heritage or identity, seek out a resource that dedicates itself to building an inclusive sense of comfort and community.
  3. TECHNOLOGY SERVICES: Our campus offers a specific area that is dedicated to electronics or IT Support. Wide range of Technology updated apparatuses will help you learn to access the newest form of technology.

Enroll Yourself in and avail all the above mentioned facilities.