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Top 5 In-Demand Career Opportunities in Commerce Stream!

July 31, 2021

CBSE and RBSE has successfully release the results for students of class 12th. Around 99.37% of total student have cleared their school and promoted to colleges.

As you know it is a very crucial time or a student and a parent to decide what they need to pursue further. Students with dynamic stream came out with different perspectives and career plannings.

At University of technology, or group of faculties and expertise make sure that we guide children in a better direction. If you have done your higher schooling with commerce as your stream, this blog is beneficial for the career opportunities which are in-demand currently.


Planning, organising, staffing directing and controlling of companies processes, to ensure effective and efficient functioning and growth of business is what a good management consist of. It is one of the renowned career route, with a relatively reliable career progression. A wide field that allows an individual to select preferred roles and specialisation. May it be marketing, HR, sales, and international business etc.

As it is a highly versatile degree, student can find various national and global opportunities in domains of general management, consulting, HR, sales, strategy, operations management, retail, education, telecom, FMCG, and supply chain management etc.

Chartered accountancy is one of the well-known and most popular career path for commerce student. It is an internationally recognised professional certification conducted by ICAI (Institute Of Chartered Accountant Of India).

Once you pursue this course various domains of business are open as a career option in your bucket list. Numerous government opportunities are also popped up. The rule of CA can be auditing, tax consulting, investment banking, corporate investment, taxation,etc. A CA aims at increasing profit of a business.

CS is one of the professional course, administered by ICSI (Institute of Company secretaries of India). This profile make sure that administration of the company is efficient with respect to ensuring legal and statutory compliance, in governance related issues such as ensuring that decisions of board of directors are implemented.

Advising on Preparing financial reports, planning assistance, corporate strategy development, conduction of business, etc are some of the major roles of CS.

Both public and private sectors can hire you for legal, secretary and corporate governance restructuring foreign collaboration and join figures, arbitration and cancellation capital market and investor relations, corporate advisory service,etc.

Career in finance Domain consist of helping clients and businesses to make an effective and efficient financial planning decisions, monitoring of cash flows, managing assets and liabilities, raising capital is for expansion of running business operations. A set of skills is required across finance careers that includes good knowledge of economics and accounting concepts. Analytical thinking and number data knack is must known by the manager.

The task involves dynamic roles such as financial planning/consulting, investment banking, financial analyst, corporate finance, private equity and venture capital and wealth management, and risk management, etc.

Arun well known as cost and Works accountants is now transformed into cost and management accounting. An individual handling it is responsible for budgeting, cost management, performance evaluation and asset management with the company or organisation.

The certificate for CMA is provided bye ICAI (Institute of Cost Accountants of India). Cost and management accountants work alongside corporate executives to prepare the financial plan and strategy of the company, and also prepare financial reports for various regulatory authorities, creditors, tax authorities, etc.

An individual can be a cost accountant, and other related fields such as financial consulting and auditing. Cost accountants can also advance to even higher-level positions in the financial domain, such as finance director, financial controller, cost controller, etc.

Now Pursue these top-5 In-demand Career Opportunities with University of Technology.