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The Rise of VFX & Animations

August 27, 2021

The VFX and animation industry is booming in the Indian market. Many schools and universities are now providing education in Animations & Designing. Now, companies are not outsourcing the post-production work. Along with this, the output quality and quantity of these studios have grown steadily.

With the rise of VFX & Animations in India, students are pursuing career in 3D animation programming, multimedia & animation designing, journalism and mass communication, etc. The University of Technology is the best private university in Jaipur that facilitates a course in “Media, Journalism & Mass Communication”. Following are some more details that you want to know about VFX & Animations.

Evolution of the Indian VFX

With audiences now watching Indian content globally via OTT platforms (streaming services such as Netflix) and bigger releases, and Indian content has to compete for eyeballs with content from across the globe. We use the same talent force for a project from the US as one from India. The lines are blurring, and that’s what we want to see from a creative perspective.
With the emergence of OTT platforms and high VFX, Animations, some educational institutions are also focusing on quality education about Animation & Journalism. With the evolution of the Indian VFX market, the best private university in Jaipur assists students to learn VFX, animations & journalism, and media to grow their career in the most interesting field.

VFX has become part of the study

The biggest strengths of Indian animation nowadays are its creative strength and cost-effectiveness. That is why global industry leaders try to deploy their production houses straight away in India or in collaboration with existing pioneers. The workforce of these production houses is young, well prepared, and have an international focus to explore the field with passion. They have a strong grip and understanding of the evolving and changing needs of the business. A major indication of this is that animation and VFX have become part of the syllabus in visual art studies. This enable artists and creative talent to be better prepared than ever to help take the Indian animation industry to new heights.