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February 28, 2022

A career in law offers a rewarding experience in terms of financial benefits and the sense of contentment in helping citizens of the society, by making them aware about fundamental human rights. The first step in starting a career in Law in India is to pursue an undergraduate program like B.A. LLB after 12th from the best Law colleges in Jaipur. Upon completion of the course, you can join a legal firm. Another option is to join a postgraduate program like LLM in order to advance knowledge and gain required skills.

What is significant is to note is that a career in Law in India, does not only mean representing clients in courts. Apart from rendering legal advice to government agencies, businesses and individuals on disputes and issues, Law graduates can work as Judges, Litigators, Consultants, and Analysts.

Why A Career in Law?

• Prestige: Law as a career has been associated with prestige and power because society pays attention to impressive appearance, high salary and legal power.

• Diversity: Law is a very diverse field. It ranges from appointment as consultants, secretaries, paralegals, mediators to judges, and lawyers. More and more career paths are evolving in Law because of the rapid changes. Law colleges in Jaipur provide various kinds of internships for the same.

• Opportunities and Growth: For the last few years, massive changes have been taking place in the economy, social life, and political institutions. Such changes have proved to enhance respect in terms of monetary benefits of legal professionals. More modifications are on the way.

• Flexibility: Law professionals are self-governing and they have the chance to make their own schedule and select their own clients.

• Power to Make a Difference: A lawyer can make a difference in the society by studying and presenting new perspectives to existing laws. Moreover, modifications can be made in current laws to change the thinking pattern of members of the society.

• Awareness of Rights and Duties: Once you start your career in Law after studying from Law colleges in Jaipur, you will develop awareness and an understanding of current rights and responsibilities.