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Purpose Of Mass Communication In India

February 15, 2022

Mass Communication is a form of communication of information from a person or an organization to a large number of heterogeneous and anonymous people through transmission channels that might be digital or published. The most common form of channels to communication in mass communication is print media, electronic media like television or radio, and digital media. The best private university in Jaipur, the University of Technology offers extensive programs in Journalism and mass communication and allows students to explore and learn simultaneously. The main aim of mass communication is to deliver messages to a large number of people in a very short time even to those who are very far away. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the primary objectives of mass communication.

Inform People:

The primary goal of mass communication is to deliver information to a large number of people in a short duration. Mass communication is used to deliver information about weather, product, services, politics, education, sports, etc.

Build Public Opinion:

One of the important aspects of mass communication is to draw the resilient picture of any national and international issue in front of the public. This allows the public to think, comprehend and create their perspectives and opinion on that specific issue allowing them to be a part of the democracy and mass vision.

Persuade Public:

One of the general functions of the mass media is to influence the public to change their beliefs and opinions about certain issues like voting, smoking, cultures .etc. Mass Communication is also used by companies to advertise their products and persuade people to avail their services.

Circulate Government Policies and programs:

One of the main aspects of mass communication is to deliver and inform people about the various policies and information issued by the government in the public interest. This is a great way to spread policies and information about different political, health, and educational programs to the general public quickly.

Provides Entertainment:

One of the primary sources of entertainment among the general public is through mass media. All of the mass media have a segment to deliver entertainment and amusement to the masses.

Establish Social Contact and Association:

Mass Communication tries to create association among various tribes, communities, and cultures by providing shared knowledge.

Inform and Prepares Public to Face Natural Calamities:

One of the important functions of mass media is to prepare and create awareness among the public of upcoming disasters and calamities. This helps them be better prepared and take necessary precautions before the calamity appears.

Highlight Diplomatic Role and Promote Political Ideologies:

Every country strives to set its diplomatic role and mass media is a great way to highlight their role and diplomacy in maintaining peacemaking and development. Also, media is a great way to spread information about political policies, ideologies, manifestos, plans, and programs.

These were some of the major purposes of mass communication in India. If you are interested in making a significant and successful career in this field, you can earn a significant degree in mass communication and journalism from one of the top 10 private university in Rajasthan.