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New trends in Media & Entertainment Industry

September 27, 2021

Broadcast television is not dead—but it is evolving rapidly with a transformation shifting from serving a TV audience to being ubiquitous. Over the past few decades, there is a considerable expansion of news coverage on OTT (over the top) delivery systems like Apple TV, Jio TV and Roku TV. For local TV stations and broadcast meteorologists, this creates a major opportunity for the streaming apps of a TV station.

Discovering your passion is the most important thing for a bright future. When you are looking for a right opportunity, you just have to search for it and grab the opportunity. If you want to pursue your career in news, media & entertainment, then go ahead with the best private university in Jaipur. University of Technology offers you the diverse set of vocational career courses to drive your career

Career Opportunities are not limited!
There is a myriad of career opportunities in animation and visual effects for films, video games, television, mobile platforms, etc. using illustrations and software programs. Some of the leading software are:

• After Effects
• Premier Pro
• 3D
• Max
• Autodesk Maya

The arenas of animated story boarding, drawings and illustrations, animated narrative sequences are various profiles when it comes to Animation and Multimedia. Film and video production industry, game design companies, advertising and graphic design firms, web design firms, product design firms, and 3D Modeller are the career prospects in Multimedia and Animation.
The film industry has witnessed acceleration in short-form content and the pain of the pandemic has been depicted through engaging, poignant, real, immersive, and touching elements. OTT platforms have witnessed a sharp rise in potential subscribers.As the top 10 private university in Rajasthan, University of Technology offers courses in media &entertainment so that you can explore your arena of skills and can enhance your ability to learn new things and gain career opportunities.