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Improving Productivity

June 9, 2022

Learning methods to enhance productivity is of utmost importance for students to become successful in their professional life. Students of Best Private Engineering University in Rajasthan can adopt a number of ways to enhance productivity. It is very significant for the students to learn at a quick pace and hence enhance grasping power.

1.Track your activities

You might think you are pretty good at gauging how much time you are spending on various tasks. Students should know how much time they are spend on daily tasks, including social media, email, word processing, and apps.

2. Take regular breaks

Taking scheduled breaks can help enhance concentration. Research has shown that taking short breaks during prolonged tasks help to maintain a steady level of performance; while working at a task without breaks leads to a gradual decline in performance.

3. Set self-imposed deadlines

Self-imposed deadlines for students of Best Private Engineering University in Rajasthan can be useful in terms of giving focus and helping in meet our goals. For open-ended tasks or projects, try giving yourself a deadline, and then adhere to it.

4. Avoid multitasking

While we tend to think of the ability to multitask as an important skill for increasing efficiency, the opposite in fact is true. Psychologists have found attempting to do several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity. Instead, make a habit of committing to a single task before moving on to a next project.

5. Take exercise breaks

During study time, doing light exercises can help to improve productivity, according to a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

6. Be proactive, not reactive

Allowing incoming phone calls and emails to dictate how you spend your day will mean you do a great job of putting out fires.

7. Turn off notifications

No one can be expected to resist the temptation of reading an email, voicemail, or text notification. During study hours, turn off the notifications of your phone, and build in time to check email and messages. This is all part of being proactive.

8.Be inquisitive

Asking and bringing discussions to table will serve you best. It will not only make you active but will open numerous horizons of new knowledge. It will develop a habit of critical thinking and boost communication skills.

9.Make use of your creativity

After choosing a suitable studying place, try to incorporate creativity in your studying room. Be it motivational and inspirational posters of significant personalities or the use of sticky notes, flashcards, highlighters, etc, these materials will help to keep you engaged with your books. You can also creatively design your desk with all the necessary materials as per your requirement.