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How to stop the spread of Corona Virus?

May 8, 2021

Many countries together had faced such terrible phase of their people and economies due to the outbreak of corona virus. There is a proverb :”Prevention is better than cure” though people and economies together had been handling this rough times since 2020 but there is a long way to go as there is no ending to this virus spreading across the world. Each one of us has to make sure that we secure ourselves so as to break the chain of this virus affecting human at large rate. At times we cannot predict the incidents that may come our way, but we definitely can face it and learn how to stop and prevent those incidents getting repeated and that is why there are various measures that can help us in stopping the spread of corona virus.

1. Several things should be followed to stop the spread of corona virus and the very first thing that every person should do it on their own is to mask up whenever stepping out of their house.

2. Each one should make sure that they sanitize their hands often.

3. One should ensure that they do not conduct any social gatherings or be a part of any such gathering to avoid the spread of this virus.

4. Social distancing should be the main motto and everyone must try to co-operate with the guidelines and policies framed by the government of every region.

5. To stop the alarming rate of Covid patients, one must ensure that they try their best to work from home, the companies , firms and other institutes should make sure that everyone is working from home and not elsewhere.’

6. To stop the spread of this virus, people should follow certain safety measures like- taking steam timely if been in reach of any Covid patient, try to be quarantined unless they are sure that they are totally fine.

7. Every member at home should be informed often about the causes and effects of this virus.

8. People should avoid using public transports, they should avoid going on trips and for vacations.

9. In case if there is any social event coming up, then the organizers should make sure they do not cater more public and maintain security.

10. In order to stop the spread of virus, people should avoid going to restaurants and theaters. Even if they go then the authorities or the serving party should keep a check on the number of members being at a time.

11. Night curfews, weekend curfews are another ways of stopping the spread of the virus.

12. One should maintain proper sanitation to avoid the spread of virus. We must make sure they we use washed masks only.

13. People living in societies or apartments should ensure their elevators, gym areas, and other recreation parts of the areas should be sanitized often.

14. In order to stop the spread of this virus, we must constantly keep a check on our helper’s temperature if they come from different places or work at multiple places.

15. The health care industry has come up with medicines and injections to prevent people from getting affected with this virus; one should timely get injected to be safe.

Our safety is in our hands, it’s high time that we keep our health and others safety as our priority and together fight with this pandemic. If we decide that we will sail through it, then nothing can harm us. All we need is to abide by the guidelines and keep everyone healthy and sound.

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