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Do we need some Good Journalists?

August 16, 2021

Indian constitution has four pillars: Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, and Media and every pillar needs to act within its domain. Media always plays an important role to spread the appropriate and right information to the audience. We have to understand the fact that Journalists are free to report and have no need to work under pressure from any government or legislative body. It is the most important thumbnail for Journalism.
The University of Technology is the best private university in Jaipur and promotes ethical Journalism activity. Journalisms helps us to connect with the world and become an inseparable part of our lives. Do we need some Good Journalists? Do you think so?

Why do we need Good Journalists?

Yes, we do need good journalists to see both sides of the coin, not just one. The purpose of Journalism is to reveal the facts and provide important information to the citizen to make the best decision. Journalists are the “Voice of the voiceless” and express the opinion of all people in society. The University of Technology is the best private college in Jaipur and makes you informed about the role of Journalists in our society. We need Good Journalists because:

• To make people aware of both sides of the coin and not just one. It helps in maintaining the sovereignty of the Nation. Journalists express the voice of people so that authorities can understand it.

• Good Journalists always spread the truth and follow the truth. They are always putting things that are good and bad for society.

We need good journalists for social development and to make people informed decisions. Journalists bring out the issues that are taking place in the world to make people informed. Thus, for an idol society, we need good journalists so that they can bring what is important for the world.

Scope of Journalism

When we are discussing the Scope of Journalism, we need to consider various factors. Factors are not limited to social development but include technological advancement, change in people’s lifestyles, preferences, etc. The scope of Journalism is wide and not limited to one or two places.

A journalist visits the different parts of the world in search of Truth. The best private university in Jaipur helps you in assessing the scope of journalism. The growing field of Journalism includes diversified categories:

• Content Writing & Generation
• Public Relation
• Journalism & TV correspondence
• Advertising & Film Industry
• Online Media
• Digital Marketing

The scope of Journalism is not limited to one field but a person can explore the various field and choose the right path for growth. Choosing the right path makes a person compatible and brings diversified opportunities as well.