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April 30, 2022

Pharmacy students studying at the Best Pharmacy University in Rajasthan should think about how pharmaceutical companies can integrate digital technology into patient care from a pharmacy perspective. There are many new technologies of interest being developed and several companies’ products and services are witnessing a surge in pharmacy.

So, the question emerges what should a pharmacist do to keep abreast of all these rampant changes and updates? There is a need to support and understand about these developments across multiple spheres on behalf of the pharmacy societies.

There is a requirement of an intermediary solution to this situation and this involves creation of ‘Digital Pharmacists‘ who are highly knowledgeable and skilled about digital health and related technologies to serve as resources for their colleagues and work environment.

How to Create a Digital Pharmacist

There are several areas that requires to be addressed to create a pharmacist with the knowledge and skills to understand digital health.

Organization Focus–If a company wants to invest in having digital pharmacists on staff, they first should identify what they want these individuals to accomplish first and from that perspective what they should learn about.

Hands-On Training –It is significant to understand how to set up digital medicine and how it works intrinsically to pass that knowledge on to peers.

Formal Training– Pharmacy organizations and institutes providing courses on pharmacy including the Best Pharmacy University in Rajasthan should understand the importance of digital pharmacy which is can add value to digital pharmacist training.

Community Setting

A digital pharmacist in the community setting would be highly valuable. Digital pharmacists in pharmacy chains that work with pharma companies can learn about novel products and then train pharmacists in their local regions on different products coming out for instance. They can provide updates and new knowledge, and help in making training materials.

In Patient Settings

Digital Pharmacists can assist patients set up apps and related technology, and help with digital care coordination. In the same sense, they could help the pharmacists that work in critical care clinics to seek technology to integrate into patient care.

Pharma and Related Tech Companies

Having digital pharmacists on board can serve numerous roles. Firstly, the education of other pharmacists and health professionals and secondly, would be the facilitation of communication across multiple layers on possible technology to pursue. Lastly, as per the Best Pharmacy University in Rajasthan, effectively utilizing the knowledge to interact with patients and outdoor organizations on new technology developments is also an important role.