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February 23, 2022

Agriculture is a vast subject and professionals in this field can work in a variety of sectors like sales, administration, engineering, research and manual labor. A career in agriculture includes planning, manufacturing, marketing and selling agricultural products.

Agriculture careers are professional paths related to farming, dairy, poultry and animal husbandry. These career paths range from growing crops and nurturing soil to raising livestock. There are many branches under agricultural science like crop science, horticulture, dairy, animal husbandry, fisheries, agronomy and soil science. The graduates from Best Agriculture Colleges in Jaipur can explore career options in diverse fields.

Types of agricultural careers

Some common types of agricultural careers which a student can pursue after attaining a degree in agriculture include:

Administrative jobs

The professionals who perform these roles manage and provide support for labourers in the agricultural industry. Students of Best Agriculture Colleges in Jaipur are given training for managing offices, corresponding with clients and maintaining legal and financial documentation.

Engineering jobs

Engineering roles involve using high-level technical and mathematical skills to solve complex engineering problems in the domain of agriculture. Agriculturists in this field need to evaluate, design, test and install systems, tools and a range of equipment, oversee manufacturing and maintenance processes.

Sales jobs

Sales professionals sell agricultural commodities and products to customers. They assess consumer demands and address them by designing solutions that fit within budget limitations and contribute to their company’s aims.

Science related jobs

Scientists in the field of agriculture use their knowledge to study specimens, solve problems and create new products. Such agriculture scientists produced from Best Agriculture Colleges in Jaipur apply principles of biology, chemistry, zoology, geology and physics to research issues, monitor situations, design solutions and develop agricultural products and systems.


Studies the best practices that can improve the production of food items and consumables. They may act as the bridge between farmers and agricultural researchers. They spend their time in a lab conducting experiments and communicate with farmers to comprehend their concerns.

They plan and deliver lessons in universities. There are many public and private sector agricultural institutes that recruit qualified candidates as lecturers, research scholars and assistant professors. You may require advanced academic qualifications, like a master’s degree or a PhD, to pursue this line of work, which are provided in Best Agriculture Colleges in Jaipur.

Agricultural specialists
They advise and assist farmers and agricultural companies. They may have extensive knowledge about various topics related to farming like crop cycles, soil fertility whose knowledge is provided in Best Agriculture Colleges in Jaipur. They can work in premier government /semi-government institutions like NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development).