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A Day in the Life of a Pharmacy Student: How to Balance Classes, Internships and Social Life

July 12, 2023

Are you a pharmacy student struggling with rigorous academic schedules? Then, this one is for you. As a student enrolled in one of the best pharmacy colleges in Jaipur at University of Technology, your learning journey is far more exciting with practical experiences and scope for personal growth apart from academic learning.

Although managing all can be a bit challenging & demanding but here in this blog, we will be sharing how you can master the art of balancing classroom learning, internships and your social life.

Classroom adventures

For a pharmacy student, classroom learning involves understand diverse array of subject such as pharmaceutical sciences, laws related to pharmacy, pharmacotherapy etc. Moreover, to keep in pace with the growing competition, at our university, we emphasize that students should focus on the following to have a balanced approach:

  • Discovering effective study techniques
  • Understand note-taking strategies
  • Check the time management tips

Extensive Practical Learning

As we know pharmacy course is a combination of practical and theoretical learning, the pharmacy education is beyond textbooks and lectures alone. With well-equipped labs and other infrastructure, at University of Technology, students embark on their journey to gain practical experience which includes internships, lab work, hospital visits and much more. This gives the students hands-on experience which turns them into competent pharmacists.

Balancing academics and social life

We believe maintaining a healthy social life is equally important apart from an academically rich college experience. Thus, hanging out with friends, participating in extracurricular activities, along with managing the academic workload is something that a pharmacy student needs to strike a perfect balance. Taking guidance from your seniors as well as the lecturers can help you out as they can suggest for time management techniques, prioritizing learning as well as developing effective communication. All this can help you to make the most of your college years.

As a student enrolled in the top pharmacy college in Jaipur, managing classroom learning, social life, internships can be quite demanding. But at University of Technology, you can be a part of an incredible journey where you can conquer the academic challenges with effective implementation of time management strategies and enjoying your social life as well. You can navigate this phase of your life with the right approach and guidance.

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