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Join Us For Fruitful Learning On The Topic “Emerging Trends in Science and Engineering”.

February 12, 2022

We are happy to announce that Regional College for Education Research and Technology, Jaipur is organising a faculty development program from February 14, 2022 to February 18, 2022. The topic for the program will be “ Emerging trends in Science and Engineering”.

The aim for this development programme is to raise an awareness about forthcoming research areas, barriers and success stories. The programme will affect the teaching and learning process in a positive way, as the academicians will get familiar with the recent trends in the domain of science and engineering. The programme will foster the culture of innovative research among academia.

The program acts as a common platform where students, teachers, delegates from industry and various institution can sit together and present their views upon futuristic approaches along with major bottlenecks.

In this four days program, Speakers will share their views on the topic via multiple presentation and discussion sessions. Traditional paper presentation as well as speeches will be related to Science and Engineering.

The key speakers for the program will be Professor R.A. Gupta, honourable VC of RTU, along with Dr Prem Surana, chairman of RCERT, Dr Anshu Surana, vice-chairman of RCERT, Dr Pramod Sharma, principal, RCERT, Professor Mukesh Kumar, professor and dean research, Gyan Vihar University, Dr Dinesh Goyal, Principal and director of PIET,Jaipur, Dr Avni Parikh, associate professor Department of chemistry JECRC Jaipur, Dr Vatsala Pawar,Assistant proffesor, school of engineering and technology in Jaipur national University; and Dr Manoj Kumar, Department of computer and communication engineering, SCIT, Manipal University.


Skill Development: Learning new ideas and approaches in Program make attendees more effective and efficient at work.

Meeting experts and influencers face-to-face: Delegates gets an opportunity to meet bunch of advisors that holds a position as an expert in his/her field.

Build Network: The faculty development program gives you an opportunity to mix and mingle, form new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

Innovative Working: The program helps faculty curate new ideas. Even though there is lot information on the internet these days but, program will cut through the clutter to deliver the best content specific.

Breaking the Shell: By bringing new trends and specifications in your mind, delegates are forced to break out their comfort zone and try something innovative.

You can Register yourself to be a part of this fruitful program just visit and fill the form appeared on your screen.