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Pursue Doctoral Programme in Hospitality & Tourism! This Blog Will Help You Know About It’s Benefits!

July 27, 2021

What is a PhD in Tourism and Hospitality?

University of Technology’s Doctoral programme in hospitality and tourism helps in individual prepare for career and research and teaching related to business management of hospitality and tourism industries. We help you in pursuing the highest Academy degree in this stream.

The course include statistics, research designs, psychology, sociology and marketing. The contemporary issues are also covered in some of the topics related to travel and tourism, financial economics, international business management, organisational theory, database management systems, telecommunication and networking, System analysis and design and consumer behaviour.

Excellent communication and Analytical skills are possessed by a student who enrol into this course.


-Critical Thinking
-Intensive Research
-Data Collection
-Team Work


There are Numerous options in an individual hand that which position and field he/she choose as career. Below listed are few profiles where you can fit-into after pursuing this course.

1. Hotel Manager

-All the activities are overseen which are involved in the well-functioning of the hotel.
-Set budgets, assign tasks to the staff and evaluate their performances.
-Products and services quality inspection offered by the hotel.

2. Flight Attendant

-Greet passengers, luggage assistance and direct them to their seats.
-Answer queries of passengers, solve emergencies and conflicts.
-Share safety instructions and serve food and drinks.

3. Restaurant Manager

-Hiring, guiding, and training new joinee of restaurant as staff.
-Organise schedules and meetings.
-Order inventory, oversee payroll and other administrative tasks.

4. Entertainment Manager

-Organise daytime activities, sporting events, quizzes, etc. to keep the guests entertained.
-Invite famous performers and bands to take part in shows.
-Ensure there’s enough diversity in the activities and events so that any guest can enjoy.
-Research new technologies and trends to see if they can improve the organisation of shows.
-Interview and screen artists to hire the best performers.

5. Event Planner

-Oversee all preparations for different events, including food, beverage, special guest needs/requests, entertainment.
-Search for and book the most suitable venues for events and have back-up options.
-Organise transportation (if offered by the organiser) or inform guests about the transport and parking options.

6. Travel Consultant

-Discuss with clients and understand their needs and expectations.
-Research different airline and hotel services to find the best option for your clients.
-Stay up to date with the latest changes and inform clients about possible travel or accommodation issues and what alternatives they have.

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