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If becoming a lawyer is your milestone, this article will be a help to you!

July 12, 2021

University of technology Is a renowned-institution for pursuing law. It offers an array of opportunities for an individual seek law as their career. University has a good focus on student centric learning. Not just that, our cluster of expertise as faculties are highly educated, professional and experienced in various specialism.

The Statistics of work rate after pursuing any legal course is higher. Are University is known for practical Study of a student. We arrange activities in a form so that student can easily learn the syllabus. Extra activities such as paper presentation, judgement writing, client counselling, Legal aid camps, regular visit to courts, guest lecture by judges or advocates are basic part of study.

In the Era where Covid Has taken over everything, are university make sure that we are efficient enough to provide Best foundation to an individual for pursuing law.

By studying law, one is offered With numerous opportunities while learning and beyond. An individual seek the knowledge of research writing and learning. This basic foundation of skills are enough for A student to practise it frequently and reach a milestone easily.

Pursuing law is not only limited to working as a lawyer. A student have plenty of options to find work at. You can see people working in NGOs, charities, environmental groups and government after studying law.

University of technology offers you Plenty of programmes that can help you build your legal career. Below mentioned are the courses which you can pursue in school of Law.

1. LLB
2. B.A (LLB)
3. LLM
4. Diploma in intellectual property right.
5. Diploma in labour laws

The Law school of verse city of technology tends to specialise in legal education along with construction of strong judicial system. It aims to promote legal awareness in the society for attaining social and economic injustice. The study promote cultural, legal and ethical values with a view to foster of law and its judicious applicability.

We are committed today evolution of law as an instrument of social change, efforts are being made to expose students to practical realities. Henceforth, applications for highly willing students are invited by us to enrol themselves. We help children to receive the foster perks of these courses and help them to step forward on a fruitful path.

Students can apply online for the course by visiting

You may also connect through the staff for resolving your query by calling at +91-8385012345

You can also shoot a mail at and reach the help desk.