MBA (Dual Speci.) Supply Chain Management 

For the success of a business, the right material needs to be at right place at right time and in the right amount. The supply chain managers make sure of this. They are trained thoroughly to perform their duty well and manage the resources so that no process is paused due to lack of material and no customer is lost due to unavailability of product. Due to these supply chain managers have gained immense prominence in the boardrooms of the top companies and many businesses have emerged on the supply chain management. The University of Technology offers the management course in the supply chain at the master level to meet the increasing demand of the intellectuals in the field of supply chain management. The duration of the course is 2 years and over the period of 2 years the analytical, decision making, logical, social and interpersonal skills are honed and skills required for the effective management of the supply chain and logistics are provided. The course provides various career options and numerous opportunities in the field of management to the students. The course is a master level course and hence requires graduation of the enrolling student.  

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2 Yr

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