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UOT Assists You Well In Pursuing Diploma In Yoga And Naturopathy!

July 5, 2021

University of Technology aims at developing the finest skills an individual is willing to seek. In this Corona Era health and fitness has played a vital role. People these days are more concerned about their fitness and wellness. UOT helps an individual to pursue their career in such a way that they can simultaneously help the world to keep fit and well.

University offers an individual to pursue the diploma course for Yoga and Naturopathy. Health and medicine are basic foundation of this course. It helps a student to know more about basic ailments and their cures via different practices.

University also helps you in gaining more knowledge as you can further study Yoga and Naturopathy Diploma as Post Graduation course. You can enroll yourself now by visiting

Diploma in Naturopathy is consisted with the science of Yoga and the system of using alternative medicine. Naturopathy is the science of dealing with illness or treating ailments using the natural way of life without the use of alternative medicine. Taking up the program of Diploma in Naturopathy opens up a lucrative medium for students in knowing about the latest trends and techniques for curing ailments. Students are rendered the understanding of different aspects related to the science of health.

Career Opportunities after pursuing Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy are:

Ample of Opportunities are into your basket once you learn this course. In India Naturopathy and Yoga have vastly extended as usage of curing long term ailments. Numerous government and private pharmaceuticals agency accept it as better form of saviour.

1. Naturopathy Physician
2. Therapist
3. Assistant Research Officer
4. Research Officer
5. Naturopathy Consultant
6. Publication Officer
7. Yoga Instructor

In India naturopaths are appointed in government as well as private hospitals and health centres. They can also start their own venture where there is high density of population. Naturopathy is getting increasingly popular in all countries across the globe, including India, among people who wish to escape the various side effects and symptoms caused by the allopathic system of medicine. Hence the scope of employment in this sphere is broadening.

Students who have passed their 12th standard with an aggregate of 45% marks in Science subject are eligible to pursue this course. Science is categorized in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.