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Top-7 Career Opportunities after pursuing Post Graduate Diploma Journalism And Mass Communication (PGDJMC) With UOT!

July 6, 2021

In this fast paced technological world, society and media plays a vital role. Journalism and mass communication offers a lucrative career options with efficient roles.

University of technology offers a course PGJMC (Who is a graduate diploma journalism and mass communication) for students who are willing to learn and upgrade their skills In communication, journalism and allied fields. An individual gets a chance to update their knowledge and get a degree, it also acts as a golden opportunity for working with professionals to enhance and upgrade the knowledge.

Below mentioned are a few Job roles you may choose for after pursuing PGJMC.

A journalist in short is a trained individual to make sure that information is gathered in the form of text, audio or pictures are collected in a way so that it can be newsworthy. The final content is disseminated to the public and it is mainly done by a journalist.

2. Reporter

A Reporter is responsible for reporting news to news channels or news paper agencies. Reporters are responsible for delivering updates and analysis on current happening with the main goal to keep public updated. They create stories and breaking news through different channels such as radio, television, online news sites, and printed newspapers and magazines.

3. Correspondent

A correspondent mostly works for news channels and is responsible for channeling live coverage of events of international, national or local significance. He/she contributes reports to a newspaper, or radio or television news, or another type of company, from a remote, often distant, location. A foreign correspondent is stationed in a foreign country.

4. Public Relation Officer

Public Relation Officers plan, develop PR strategies and work on Press releases and research. He/she write press releases, deal with press enquiries, and sometimes manage crises,planning PR campaigns and strategies. monitoring the public and media’s opinion of your client or employer.

5. Editor

An editor is responsible for the content and quality of articles which go into publishing and ensures that stories are engaging and informative. His/her job is to polish and refine a story or an article. Editors are employed by a variety of industries and for many types of products, such as magazines, newspapers, blogs, and books.

6. Content Developer

Content Developer is responsible for writing engaging and fact driven content for web pages.Content developers are essentially involved in the creation, development, and editing of content for various activities related to online marketing as well as front-end web development.

7. Proofreader

A Proof reader scrutinize all documents and spots errors if any, improves them and ensures error free copy of the text. Proofreaders ensure that the document’s final draft is completely free of grammatical errors (e.g., subject–verb agreement problems, incorrect word choices, improper punctuation usage, and incorrect spelling) as well as formatting and typographical errors.

Become what you want by choosing right career path.