Spiritual Seminar,” The Journey Inside: A Road map to personal & Professional Success” held at University Of Technology.

December 19, 2022

University of Technology has organised a seminar that focused on the topic, “The Journey Inside: Road map to personal and professional success”. In this seminar, a few of the recognized spiritual orators has shared their views on the topic.

The Seminar was held under the guidance of Spiritual Guru, Shri Karpaatri Maharaj, Ayodhya; Shri Krishna Pad Daas Ji Maharaj;Special Guest, Dr. H.C. Ganeshia; Mr. Prem Surana Ji,Chairman ; Mr. Anshu Surana ji, Chancellor; Dr. V.N. Pradhan, Vice Chancellor; Each and Every student along with faculties has participated in the seminar.

SPIRITUAL ORATORS, has shared their valuable teachings and taught students how to positively follow the path of success. Spiritual Leader, Karpaatri Maharaj quoted, ” There is no greater devotion than patriotism”, It is mandatory for each and every citizen of India to be concerned about the country and show their patriotic side, when it is required.

Spiritual Orator, Krishna Pad Daas ji maharaj, has taught the Importance of Shrimadh Bhagwat Geeta, in this world full of stress. In this fast-paced world, each and every individual is surronded by some or other stress, but if you follow the Bhagwat Geeta, You will get a way out of it, and can lead towards a peaceful life.

Shri Prem Surana Ji, Chairman, Deepshikha Kala Sansthan, has mentioned that by Organizing such kind of seminars, participants can get to choose a positive way for succeeding in life. Anshu Surana Ji, Chancellor, has mentioned that by following Bhagwat Geet, you can definitely decline stress from life. Dr. V.N> Pradhaan, Vice CXhancellor has claimed that by going through this motivational seminar, Listeners surely gets a “Success Mantra”, that leads towards a successful life. At last, Pro V.C. has thanked each and everyone who were present there, and made this seminar a fruitful learning session.

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