Our first Convocation Ceremony was held at the University of Technology premises on 20th of February 2021.The UOT premises stood under an early winter sun, ready to host a landmark occasion. An arc of staid-looking chairs lined the dais inviting everyone for their precious presence.

At 11:00 A.M, the ceremonial procession began. It was led by the Chancellor, Prem Surana and Chief Guest Hon’ble Smt. Pratibha Patil, former president of India. Followed by Guest of honour, Hon’ble Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Hon’ble Dr. B.D. Kalla, Hon’ble Padamshree Dr. D.Y. Patil, Hon’ble Justice Permod Kohli, Hon’ble H.C Ganeshia, and Hon’ble Dr. Chris Nwanoro MFR.

Address by the Chancellor

Dr. Prem Surana took us back to the roots of UOT, to the modest beginnings of an idea. It had come out of a fortuitous chat on empowering students. Watered by daring and courage, the idea had rapidly grown into an audacious venture—University of Technology. It was to be ‘a programme that would help young children be their better selves and be committed to financial independence and future stability’.
The address ended with a profound blessing to the first batch of Scholars, who will always remain special: ‘Be strong, like water; be authentic, like the sun.’

The Graduation Ceremony

Soon, the core movement of the ceremony took off. Each Scholar received their graduation certificate. Their poise, eloquence and self-assurance were very rewarding for us who have walked beside them. Over their period of transformation, every Scholar had left behind her own idiom of growth.

Address by Guest of Honour

The Guest of Honour, Hon’ble Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Hon’ble Dr. B.D. Kalla, Hon’ble Padamshree Dr. D.Y. Patil, Hon’ble H.C Ganeshia, and Hon’ble Dr. Chris Nwanoro MFR encouraged all our students to make an original contribution to their field of study as an integral part of their professional education. It is a ground-breaking approach to the integration of teaching and learning that emphasises the discovery of new knowledge. They expressed that Graduation is a time of celebration and triumph and marks the end of one phase and beginning of the next phase. It is a very proud moment for the graduates, parents and teachers who have all played their part in the end result.

Address by the Chief Guest

Hon’ble Smt. Pratibha Patil was overwhelmed by the young talents and positive energies. She saw University of Technology as an authentic space for student to bond in courage, as both humans and dreamers. It is an arena for each Scholar to align their personal and professional journeys together, a space ‘to find out what you love doing’.
As a bold, strong and successful model of womanhood, she urged the Scholars to ‘go deeper to finding your conviction of yourself. Then each one of you will become a role model’. She wished the Scholars the persistence to ‘break the glass ceiling’ and continue to dream fearlessly. Smt. Pratibha Patil’s presence and speech were catalytic for the spirit of the Convocation. The University of Technology team is very thankful to her for her incomparable support.

The Vote of Thanks

Dr Mayank Mathur, acknowledged the Governing Council, faculty, mentors, benefactors, recruiters, and the team, who have all edified the programme. He saw the Scholars as ‘not just the founding class but also the founders of this programme’. He added his greeting by this motivational quote
“Ishwar ka dia kabhi alp nahi hota, jo tut jaaye wo sankalp nahi hota,
haar ko lakshya se dur hi rakhna, kyunki jeet ka koi vikalp nahi hota.”

Looking Ahead

The ceremony ended with the National Anthem. The class glided out onto the verdant lawns to a recessional hymn. The University of Technology team will continue to nurture each incoming class of student walking the University of Technology way to empowerment. This ceremony was a fitting valediction to the first of many.