A two-day international conference was organized by the University of Technology in collaboration with People Specialist on the Importance of Interdisciplinary Studies in Higher Education on 26-27 December 2019 at the RCERT Campus. Individuals from different backgrounds participated in the Conference with great enthusiasm. Thus, keynote speakers, students along with research scholars, authors, and learned professionals visited from different states of the country as well as across the globe to attend the conference. The relevance of the interdisciplinary studies was reflected by the keynote speakers as they shared their knowledge, views, and experience by presenting more than 30 papers.

Several dignitaries welcomed the participants with a short welcoming speech at the opening ceremony of the conference. Our esteemed guests included Dr. Mahesh Joshi, Dr. H.C. Ganeshia, Dr. Anoop Srivastava, Dr. M.K. Vajpayee, Dr. Nem Singh, Dr. Prem Surana and Dr. Anshu Surana. Moreover, Dr. Ankit Gandhi, the Organizing Secretary and the Research Coordinator of the University explained the aim of the conference and highlighted the relevance of interdisciplinary research specifically in fields like engineering, science, and management. Interdisciplinary can be referred to as an integrated approach in which the techniques, information, theories, and concepts from different bodies and specialization are combined to generate a powerful learning experience. Thus, fundamental knowledge can be developed for devising solutions to multiple problems that are beyond the scope of a single discipline and research area. In addition to this, discussions were also held regarding the National Academic Credit Bank as devised by UGC.

The conference also witnessed two technical sessions by five keynote speakers and eminent scholars like Prof. (Dr.) Y.P. Singh, Prof. (Dr.) S.C. Tyagi, Dr. Vandana Khunar, Gautam Thawani and, Prof. (Dr.) Sanjay Gaur. Furthermore, the People Specialist Excellence Award ceremony was also held at the conference to reward, honor and respect the contribution of individuals in the field of education and for social upliftment. The list of award winners included outstanding personalities like Mr. Anchit Narwadkar from Rubrics Softcon Private Limited, Pune, Dr. Anil Sharma, Director, Green Heaven Institute of Management & Research, Nagpur along with Dr. Sanjay Gaur, JECRC Foundation, Jaipur. It was also informed that the research papers that were presented in the conference will be published in the UGC CARE/ SCOPUS journal. All the participants were awarded the Certification of Participation.

The 2-day conference was a gaiety affair and many eminent and learned scholars joined us in the closing ceremony. The experts include Prof. N.P. Kaushik, Prof. P.C. Trivedi along with our Chancellor Dr. Prem Surana and Vice-Chairman Dr. Anshu Surana. Dr. Ankit Gandhi, Dean Research and Organizing Secretary on behalf of the UOT family expressed sincere gratitude to the dignitaries, the renowned and learned professors and all those who participated in the event for sharing their valuable ideas and thoughts and thus, making the event successful.