Relaxation of Corona Warriors!

The outbreak of coronavirus disease could be stressful but the front liners had definitely acted as a stress buster to every common man out there. Spreading happiness amid gloomy times is quite a challenging task and Doctors were undoubtedly co-operative in pandemic time. Now it’s our time to pay back, which is why, University of Technology has resorted to several stress-buster activities to lift the spirit of doctors who acted as Corona warriors during the pandemic phase.

University is organising a cricket match that is going to be held on 1st November 2020 at the university cricket ground. This small session of relaxation will be uplifted by doctors. The University has kept the health and safety of the staff paramount and plan a secure environment for the players. Hand hygiene and social distancing will be the major factors of risk mitigation.

Relaxation helps and lessen the manifestation of numerous well-being conditions including aggravation, sleep deprivation ,tension and depression. Physical and psychological well-being Play a vital role in maintaining good health.

The play-off will be between “ZONE TECH WARRIORS” and “RESIDENT DOCTORS 11”. Dr. Yad Meena led the squad of Zone tech warriors as a captain and Resident doctors 11 had appointed Dr.Mukesh chopra as their captain.

The university aims that this session of relaxation could help players to feel relieved from tension , strain and helps Then to attain a state of increased calmness and positivity