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Pursuing Doctoral Programme In Library Science Can Help You With A Fruitful Career.

July 9, 2021

A fresh knowledge is created by completing a doctoral program. This program consist of procedure where an individual discover new things along with superlatives set of skills. This degree Enhances the know-how of the course and subject. A student who seek greater depth of knowledge in a specific area is guided to pursue PhD.b

University of technology aims at better future of students and therefore help them in pursuing PhD. The university helps an individual to pursue PhD In below mentioned streams.

-Basic and applied sciences
-Commerce and management
-Computer application and IT
-Engineering and technology
Fashion and design
-Humanities and social science
-Hospitality and tourism
-Journalism and mass communication
-Library and information sciences
-Yoga and naturopathy

Today let us learn bit more about purse wing doctorate degree in library sciences.

Pursuing a doctorate degree in library sciences enables an individual to perform an independent research and analysis in the specific field. This research and analysis helps the student to get log his discovered information accessible to the people.

This is a two year course which is divided into four semester. Each semester is for the duration of six months. Candidates are required to submit a thesis at the end of semester on the topic which is decided by University and student cumulatively.

By Learning well this degree, an individual can become library Assistant, book binding manager shelf arranger, levying of fines, accession and many more.

Career Prospects for PhD in Library Science Graduates

You can become more than a librarian by pursuing ph.d programme in this particular field. There are a plethora of career options available for the PhD in library graduates, but the most common career paths are:

Library Director
A person possessing a doctorate in library science can step into the library director’s shoes and handle administrative work for a library. Directors have to maintain various computer databases in the libraries.

Technology Manager
The technology manager has the responsibility to promote technology and train students to adopt library science technologies.

Library Archivist
It is a private role that revolves around the maintenance and preservation of print, audio, online, and other organization’s documents.

Ph.D. holders can also choose to work in colleges and universities at senior designations.

Other Professions
Once you have obtained the highest degree in library science, you have multiple other career opportunities such as professors, marketing professionals, operational managers, academic researchers, and various other fields.


University of technology is inviting applications from highly motivated and research oriented applicants for the admission to PhD programme. New sessions begin with new scenes that will definitely give fruitful results. For the July 2 021 session you are invited to submit your application for pursuing PhD programme in any stream.

The eligibility for submission of application will be as per UGC norms. The last date of submission of your application form is 5th August 2021 and on 8th August, online entrance exam will be held.

Willing students can apply online at

You may also connect the concerned person at email by raising the query. The email address for the same is

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