Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights

The diploma in intellectual property right aims at providing the knowledge to the students about the various forms of intellectual properties and to impart skills in them regarding the management and protection of the intellectual property with the help of technical and legal tools. The course is specifically designed to create awareness about intellectual property rights among the scientific and technical society members for the protection of their inventions and research. The course helps the non-lawyers like senior managers and associates of the firm in decision making regarding the intellectual property. The framework and the modules are designed keeping in mind the technical background of the students and their little knowledge about the laws. The University of Technology provides the diploma in intellectual property rights in order to serve the technical and scientific community to help them against the theft and infringement of their intellectual property. The duration of the diploma is 1 year and to be eligible to enroll in this course one must have completed his or her graduation. The course provides in-depth knowledge about the intellectual property rights in the country and how to protect the property from any kind of harmful outside sources.


“Obedience to lawful authority is the foundation of manly character.”

                                                                               -Robert E. Lee

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  • Passed Bachelor’s of law degree of minimum 3 years duration from a recognized University.
  • Obtained at least 48% marks at the qualifying Examination.