Diploma in labour law

Labours form the one the basic unit of the industrial sector and are the key role players in production and other industrial manufacturing works. The Indian government has formed some laws guiding the labour working hours, compensation and working conditions but often it is found that in most of the industries, the labour are being exploited and the number of cases registered in labour court is the proof of this exploitation. The need is to create awareness among labours and represent them adequately in the court. To cater this need at the school of law of The University of Technology offers the diploma in labour law and helps the person understand the law for the labours and their rights. The duration of the duration of the diploma is one year and to be eligible to enroll in this diploma one needs to have successfully completed his graduation. After the successful completion of the diploma, one develops skills of social interaction and unbiased decision making. The diploma is specially designed to meet the needs of students with non-law background interested in supplementing their knowledge with labour laws. The diploma gives you in-depth knowledge about the existing labour related legislation and the relationship between law and changing industry scenario.

“Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”

                                                                     -Otto von Bismarck


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  • Passed Bachelor’s of law degree of minimum 3 years duration from a recognized University.
  • Obtained at least 48% marks at the qualifying Examination.