Diploma in Health Inspector

As per the saying, “if wealth is lost something is lost if health is lost everything is lost” health plays an in important part in the success of a human being and hence is of utmost importance. The modern lifestyle needs intelligent minds in the health sector to maintain the health of the public. The heath inspector plays an important role in the healthy living if the society. The University of Technology provides the diploma in health inspector and educates the students about various practices of healthy living and precautions and measures to be taken to prevent the spread of diseases and infection. The duration if the course is 1 year and any person who has completed his 10th is eligible to enroll in the diploma in health inspector. The main aim of this paramedical course is to ensure scientific training in the medical and health. The diploma provides the knowledge and the skills in a practical and advance manner. The best faculty educates about the various health aspects and the techniques required to perform the role of a health inspector efficiently. The diploma makes you capable to deal efficiently with sanitation problem including healthy living.

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that’s very important for good health.”                                                 -Dalai Lama

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Eligibility: 10th