We are living in an era where technology is ruling the world. The more techs savvy you are, the more you are benefited out of it. Be the situation of this pandemic, where if you are good with technology, nothing can stop you from working and vice-versa.

The one who commences change will have favorable chances to manage the change that is inescapable. Our impending growth depends upon innovation, skills and productivity and these in turn rely on the education of our pupil.
To be more innovative and skillful, students get numerous opportunities to enroll themselves in a course which will enhance their technical knowledge as well as teach them to be imaginative and creative.


M.TECH stands for Masters in Technology. It is a post graduation degree that is for 2 years. The one who aspires to work in the field of technology and conduct their own experiments and come out with their own innovation should apply for this course.

It is very much popular and a demanding course. M.TECH is done by the students who have a graduation degree in engineering or science. It is a regular course; the ones interested have to go through an entrance exam followed by a counselling procedure and personal interview.

Students should also secure a certain score to get into Masters Degree.
M.TECH course permits students to gain knowledge about several old technologies along with in depth research on upcoming technologies. It teaches students ways to alter the existing technology and render a fruitful life to the people all across the nation.

To be eligible for the course certain entrance exams are held:

-TANCET etc.

The best part is students hailing from poor background can also dream of applying for this course and achieve greater in life through scholarship given by the state or there are certain deemed universities or colleges offering scholarship on the basis of merit ranking. Such students can work hard and benefit themselves with these opportunities.
There is a lot of internship programme offered by amazing companies to the M.TECH students.
Thesis and research programmes are the significant part of this programme. Students can select a field of their choice and pursue this course.

It can be in the field of:
• Civil engineering
• Mechanical
• Software
• Chemical
• Electrical
• Communication etc.


-This course enables the students to earn while studying. The students enrolled for this course at central or state government colleges are given a monthly salary of rs.12000.
-The students of other colleges can earn by teaching their juniors after the class hours and earn some money.

After completing the course students can also get into profiles like
-Technical consultant
-Project manager
-Senior engineer
-Technical scientist
-A program leader
-Account manager
-Software developer
-Web designer
-Web developer
-Coding master
-Counsellor Etc.

It is one such course that will not only make you an innovator of something different but will also give you a lavish life as you will get a great return for your investment into this course.


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