Be A Guardian Angel By Pursuing Pharmacy!

Wellness is an important aspect of living a fruitful life. There is a very famous proverb that states- Health is the best wealth. If money is gone, it can be earned back, but if health is gone, nothing can help us in achieving our dreams.
Today, the health care industry is expanding and so are the opportunities to serve your own self. Being able to cure others is a blessing to be thankful for, and in order to safeguard people from diseases, illnesses one needs to pursue a proper course in the field.
Getting into this field requires a degree in pharmacy if not willing to get into MBBS.


Pharmacy is a field that is a pursuit in happiness. To be a great human, one need to have traits of being helpful, being kind, being gentle, and caring for others. Many a times we thing but all these things are not going to earn you money. But, as they say if you do well, you get good. Pharmacy is one such field where you can serve millions and earn good.

About the course:

In order to pursue pharmacy one should have completed their +2 in the field of Science. They should have subject like physics, chemistry, biology, math’s. Then students can either do B.PHARM –Bachelors in pharmacy or Diploma in Pharmacy also called as D.PHARM. Students can do specialization in the field of Pharmacy. They can opt for
o Pharmacy in Chemistry
o Pharmacy in Ayurveda
o Pharmacy in Bio technology etc.

B.Pharma is a 4 year course that students can do either from any private or government institute. And D.PHARM is a 3 year course. This course teaches students the various terminologies related to medicine, how to produce medicines or drugs for medical purposes. What kinds of medicines to be given for different illnesses, their dosage etc.

How to get enrolled for the course:

For getting into the students should have a diploma degree in pharmacy and should be able to clear certain entrance exams scheduled by the state. There are some colleges that keep their own entrance exams also.

Some of the entrance exams held for B.PHARM are:

Students can also pursue a post graduation course like M.PHARM in order to get extensive knowledge in the field of medicines and do more research on it. For that certain entrance exams have to be cleared.

-Students can pursue a Phd.Pharm course to become a professor in pharmacy field.

-In order to work in the corporate sector or apply in global companies, students can opt for MBA in Pharmacy.

Some of the common topics in the field of B.Pharmacy are:
-Human Anatomy and Physiology
-Pharmaceutical Chemistry
-Organic chemistry
-Dispensing and community pharmacy
-Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence and ethics
-Patho physiology of common disease.etc

Career options after completing pharmacy course:

Students are always looking for rewarding career options once they complete their under graduation or post graduation. There are ample of job opportunities available in the health care industry. It always begins from choosing the right.

-One can get into Public health services like:
-Promoting health initiatives
-Encouraging vaccinations
-Conducting health camps etc.

Candidates can also get into product related services and earn good amount.

Compounding medicines which are prescribed by practitioners.

-Assembling expired medicines
-Opening up a pharmacy store
-Drug technician
-Drug inspector
-Health inspector
-Drug therapist
-Making prescription to patients
-Hospital drug coordinator
-Bio technologist
-Production manager in any MNC
-Area manager
-Medical representative
-Professor etc.

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