BBA in Entrepreneurship and Family Business

In order to take over any business, you must possess adequate business skills and knowledge. This is where a course like BBA in Family Business Management comes handy! The main aim of this course is to instill business management skills in students. The academic program trains students and makes them capable of taking over family business or even starting a new business.
A typical family business is led by a single person (usually the head of the family). In most of the cases, family businesses lack professionalism and work-culture found in corporate firms. BBA in Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management course also bridges this gap between the work culture of a typical family business and corporate firm.
Business practices keeps changing with technology. Earlier, there was little involvement of technology in family businesses. At present, for any business to thrive, it must adapt and make use of technology. In this age of Digital India, business firms need managers who are knowledgeable about management skills as well as technology! BBA in Family Business Management course does a good job at this task and churns out managers who are capable of taking over family business.
After completing this academic program, graduates may take over their family business or start their own venture. Apart from that, they may also take on managerial roles at business firms.
If you belong to a business family, you won’t have to deal with job-hunting! You may take up a role in your family business and gradually take over the venture! Fortunately, the course also instills entrepreneurship skills in students. As a result, they may also start a new venture from scratch and turn it into a profitable business.
Apart from Business and Entrepreneurship, graduates may also take up managerial roles in the following firms –
• Business Houses
• MNCs
• Corporate Houses

3 Years

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12th Any Stream Minimum 48%