BBA in Business Analytics + CEP*

Business Analytics deals with the study, analysis and interpretation of big data of organizations and businesses. It is an important part of management science.
In organizations and businesses, decision making process is largely dependent on Business Analytics! Business Analytics, if carried out the right way, can help companies put the right foot forward! Business Analytics is based on data and statistical methods. It focuses on using a set of metrics to investigate an organization’s/a business’ past performance in order to gain valuable insight and carry out business planning (for the future). In simple terms, it is all about exploring and inspecting the data (from past) and using it to formulate plans for the future! It may sound simple, but analytics is a complex and diverse field. It is made up of the following domains –
• Decision analytics
• Descriptive analytics
• Predictive analytics
• Prescriptive analytics

BBA in Business Analytics course trains students in the above mentioned areas. The course trains students and turns them into skilled business analytics professionals.
In the various firms, business analytics professionals may done the following roles –
• Business analyst
• Business strategist
• Data analyst
• Project manager
• Data mining specialist
• Data warehousing specialist

3 Years

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12th Any Stream Minimum 48%