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Traditional Study VS Covid -19 Studies in Universities

May 15, 2021

Every platform be it offline or online has its own pros and cons. Since ages we have been hearing about traditional course of studies happening in colleges also called as institutions.

Students after completing their higher secondary exam are promoted for graduation, diploma courses to colleges where students opt for admissions in different colleges. Colleges in simply means a building covered by roof and walls and where teaching took place face to face and in person. Slowly and gradually, we had seen things moving to different platforms and one such is on the internet known as online classes. As the internet is growing and so we see changes taking place in the education industry too.

There are several institutions that have been undertaking teaching programme online since many years now, while many sticking to old traditional format. But, covid-19, the pandemic that entered in various countries shook the systems so badly. It had affected the economies so badly that even the education industries of almost every country had to undergo a vast change.

The studies had been shifted to online platform in order to maintain social distancing so as to prevent everyone from this dangerous virus called covid-19. The institutes had to continue providing education to the students and so they started teaching students online relieving them from movements.

When things change all of a sudden it brings new challenges as well as different opportunities for both teachers as well as the students. The teachers as well as the students had to get themselves acquainted with various online tools and become tech savvy in no time. It was really challenging in the beginning of covid times as people who were not tech savvy and technology friendly had to undergo a training session to get them into the zone. While, this tough time gave everyone an opportunity to try something new, to come out of their comfort zone every single day.

As mentioned, everything has their pros and cons, the traditional mode of education in colleges gave students a freedom to gain knowledge and at the same time mingle with people of different state, religion, culture, gender, taste, talent and much more. It not only gave them an aid to interact with the faculties whenever needed but also gave them chance to associate with their peers and build a bond. But when we see the reality, students gaining knowledge online are deprived of this chance. They don’t get enough time and chances to interact with teachers and peers. Even the studies taken online are strictly syllabus and course driven. No extra materials on current affairs or economy are discussed which happens in traditional college studies.

Though the online mode of education is easily accessible, is flexible, is cost effective when compared with traditional system of education, but students don’t get opportunity to experiment while learning when it comes to lab experiences. Students don’t get enough opportunity to extend themselves to co-curricular activities that used to happen in colleges offline.

Keeping aside the pros and cons the only motive of both the system is to empower students in any situation. It tries to keep them motivated and engaged as well as imparts the best knowledge possible so that when time kicks back to normal, the students don’t feel depressed and stressed for having wasted so much of time doing nothing. Many institutes are coming up with different courses both offline and online so that students are made available with variety of options in front of them to go ahead and make an amazing career.