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March 1, 2022

College placements are an important affair and basically the practical test of everything a student has learnt in best university for B.Tech in Rajasthan. You could be a topper in all the semesters, but during placements, you have to start afresh with every other student because procedure for getting a job through college placement is complex and involves a lot of non academic jobs too. There are various stages of a placement session: written test, group discussion and personal interviews. Some common mistakes students make during interviews are-

1. Being overconfident

While confidence is a necessary trait for an individual, an excess of it could prove to be harmful for the candidate. Talk about your ideas but never get stubborn about proving them right. Listen to the interviewer with patience. You can disagree with them but with politeness. Besides, thinking that the interview will be easy and not preparing enough for it is a common mistake students do. Irrespective of your achievements in last few years in college and your excellent performance in tests, you have to work hard, with dedication and prepare for the interview. Best University for B.Tech in Rajasthan trains students for appropriate mannerism to be adopted during placement interviews.

2. Not making a good resume

A resume made overnight by imitation will not help you in setting a good impression on the recruiters because it will be impersonal and generic. It is not important to design resume with big English words but it is significant to write about yourself with a personal touch and avoid grammatical errors.

3. Not dressing up properly

Just because the companies are coming to your college, it doesn’t mean you will go for the interview in non formals. Dress up for the interview properly with a focus on colors and design. The formal clothing will reflect on your professionalism. Best university for B.Tech in Rajasthan gives special sessions on ’What to wear during Campus Drive Interviews’.

4. Thinking that rejection is end of the world

Even after all preparation, you may not get selected for the position you have applied for. Life is full of opportunities and with hard work, persistence and strong will, you will get what you want.