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Theoretical v/s practical knowledge- Choosing one or both

July 26, 2022

Knowledge is defined as familiarity with something, which can include some facts, information about a particular topic or subject, descriptions of experiment or study, or skills acquired through experience or education. Knowledge can be of two types:

1.Theoretical knowledge: Theoretical knowledge is regarding the theoretical clarity of specific subjects taught at the best private engineering university in Jaipur. It is a means that would help an individual to gain a good grip on practical knowledge. Knowledge is incredibly significant to a career in engineering. Without having proper theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge sometimes proves to be irrelevant.Theoretical knowledge and learning are necessary parts of expert knowledge. The theory generally teaches ‘why’ of anything. It generally focusses on giving complete knowledge that builds the context and helps to set a strategy for dealing with practical application.

2. Practical Knowledge: Practical or informal knowledge manifests itself as skills or ‘‘knowing-how’’. Practical knowledge is very important to understand how things actually work. As it occurs and develops in those concrete situations where it is learnt, it is contextual and social in nature and helps you acquire the specific techniques. Practical knowledge leads to a much deeper understanding of a concept through personal experience.

Importance of Practical Knowledge-

  • Acquisition of Knowledge: Practical training or Internship allows participants to acquire the practical knowledge and abilities. The students of Best private engineering university in Rajasthan cannot achieve career heights only with theoretical knowledge.
  • Entering the World of Employment with a bang: Having a sound practical knowledge gives you an opportunity to show the company, your professional potential with a view to a future job offer. It becomes easy for a student to face the transition from a learner to professional when he has a sound knowledge of all the facts related to his topics.

Both of the above are important. You won’t survive in any career in engineering unless you can bring results and to do that you need practical knowledge. At the same time learning theory from the Best private engineering university in Rajasthan helps to solve a specific problem.

There is no guarantee that only one of the two will help you succeed. It is therefore very important to consider balancing both of them, and this can help a student to excel in his career. Where there is consideration of workplace, the more important is practical knowledge, whose foundations are conceived on a strong theortical base.